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Medical Gas Cylinder Storage Racks

Our medical gas cylinder storage cacks designed to accomodate all sizes of BOC or Air Liquide, or other makes of cylinders.The design of the racks allow users to safety access and remove the stored cylinders or allow them to put them away. Each rack is designed to prevent the cylinders from falling out of the racks or side ways, creating a major health and safety issues. The use of these racks enables users to fully comply with manual handling requirements. The medical gas cylinder storage racks are compliant with the NHS HTM requirements.

We offer an extensive range designed for all NHS Hospital and clinic use as well as the private healthcare organisations. Our products are designed to be deep cleaned and are infection control approved.

These include medical cylinders C, D, CD, HX and F and other size cylinders and we can supply a wide range of medical gas racks, medical gas cylinder storage racks.

We provide advice on all aspects storage of medical gas cylinders, medical gas tanks and medical gas bottles. Our on site advice and design service provides our clients with proposals that offer the optimum layout and compliance with manual handling and cylinder storage.