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Large Medical Gas Cylinder Storage Stalls

Our range of large medical gas cylinder storage stalls provide safe and secure storage for HX, G and J size cylinders. These are held in fixed rows, separated by divider bars ensuring that the cylinders are kept in an upright position. Dependent upon the cylinder size we can make these racks suit, ideally, 1, 2, 3 or 4 cylinders in the depth. This limitation is due to the ease of removal and put away as the weight of the larger G and J cylinders make this operation difficult beyond two cylinders in the depth. Individual cylinders are prevented from falling out of the racks by the use of a drop down bar at the front or chains for the rear cylinders.

We offer the stalls in either powder coated or galvanised finishes 

Our cylinder storage stall have a safety drop down bar at the front of the rack provides an easy and safe method of securing the cylinders within the racks and we use intermediate chains to secure the rear cylinders.